December 2016 – September 2020: PhD student @IRISA-LINKMEDIA

My thesis was part of the BigClin project which aimed at developing a new clinical records representation relying on fine-grained semantic annotation thanks to new NLP tools dedicated to French clinical narratives. The project also addresses distributed systems issues such as scalability, management of uncertain data and privacy and stream processing at runtime. My role in this context was to develop and test NLP methods and tools in order to process unstructured clinical data in French. We addressed two main tasks: The multi-label classification of clinical narratives as well as negation and uncertainty detection.

2015 – Master’s degree internship @LIMICS

During my master’s degree internship, I worked on the accordys project under the supervision of a PhD student. The main task of this internship was to evaluate the performances of document indexing models such as TF-IDF, LSI, LDA, etc. at the document level in order to compute the similarity between several cases of fetal malformation. To do so, we used a small corpus was composed of fetoplacental examinations, written in free text form.

2013-2015 – Master’s degree in Linguistics @Bordeaux Montaigne University

I got my master’s degree in Linguistic Research and Applied Computations from the university Bordeaux-Montaigne. I followed many courses in linguistic theory (discourse analysis, syntax, semantics, etc.) and applied linguistics (natural language processing, corpus linguistics, etc.)